Collaboration Management

Established in 2009, the Collaboration Management service has shown to be in a high demand from clients across industries and regions.

By applying the Collaboration Management, we assist businesses and non-for- profit organisations to explore global cooperation through business, investment, cultural and education exchange

By assigning Strikitsa Consulting for Collaboration Management services you can expect:

  • Highly confidential approach to your task at all time. It is very important as data leak or disclosure may lead to loss of profit or a competition getting an advantage.
  • In-depth search and analysis of data. Because we use Strikitsa Consulting Executive Search methods we can reach a data or analyse patterns and consequences others might not see.
  • Supporting you in negotiations by using motivating tools. Respecting cultural differences and using motivating tools relevant to a region of your international expansion will mean you are equipped for success.
  • Arranging and supervising your exchange visits. We take care of all arrangements and organisational issues, so your visit is a success and value to money.
  • Benchmarking your achievements to a global competition. By using direct and indirect data gathering Strikitsa Consulting allows you to ensure clarity of your results vs. achievements of your competition.
  • Helping you on day-to-day tasks. Sometimes all you need is an extra pair of hands. Flexible and geographically mobile Strikitsa Consulting is exactly what you were looking for